Thursday, January 17, 2013

Prayer: Daily Devotional

For the last year or so I've been doing a Daily Devotional with my kids. I don't plan ahead. I just try to follow the Spirit, or teach them something based on an issue we've had that day, or a book we've read. I keep them short and sweet and I take cues from my kids. We do more with it if they're interested, or it can just be a 5 minute lesson.

Here's what we did yesterday...

First we sang a primary song - chosen by Little Miss - Families Can Be Together Forever.

Then we listened to The Five Dollar Miracle, an article from this months Friend magazine, using the LDS Gospel Library App on my phone.

While listening Little Miss and Mr Man colored pictures of children praying (courtesy of

 After, I asked Little Miss questions about the story to check her comprehension...

 "So what did President Monson lose?...How did that make him feel?...What did he do?...What happened in the end?...How did that make him feel?"

And some follow up questions on prayer... "What are some reasons we can and should pray?...Where can we pray?...Who are we talking to when we pray?"

I then bore my testimony of prayer and reiterated the fact that when we pray we are speaking to a loving Heavenly Father who always wants to hear from us, His children.

I quickly spoke of times I've prayed when I'm scared or sad, and have been comforted.

And of course, we ended with a prayer.

Short, sweet, and simple. These daily devotionals have added so much to our family life at home. When we do them our day goes so much better. There is less fighting, I have more patience, and my kids are just better kids - more helpful and happy. So, I've decided I ought to start sharing them with others. Hopefully they help you and your family!
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