Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep = Happy

The last time I recall getting a good night's sleep was...before I was pregnant. No joke. Once I was pregnant my morning to-do list consisted of not vomiting while getting out of bed & moving to the couch.

Then the acid reflux came, in which a bottle of tums was my best friend & sleeping companion, sorry husband.

Then the pressure on the bladder and the bathroom trips every hour. Then Little Miss arrived. And sleeping is not her forte. So every 3 hours (on average) I wake up, feed the little one, and rock her back to sleep.

I don't even remember the last time I had dreams. Eight and a half months of little, broken up sleep...until last night.

I've been asking everyone for months how they got their babies to finally sleep. I've been reading everything I can on the subject, and finally after listening to my friend Shauna, again, tell me her success story - Ry & I decided to dive in head first last night to sleep training our little one.

We didn't swaddle, we didn't go pop binky back in when it fell out & woke her up - we let her figure that out. She actually will find it in the dark and put it back in herself...ha!

We started yesterday with naps & she really is getting the hang of self-soothing. And it's not taking all the "cry it out" that people talk about. We just make sure she's sleepy enough, rock her a little (but not to sleep) and then put her in her crib. And she puts herself to sleep! Awesome. I can't even tell you how excited I am!

She slept last night from 10pm-2am, ate briefly, then from 2:15am-9am! What!? Nearly 7 hours straight!! I actually went and checked on her a few times to make sure she was still my dear friend Shauna - I owe you my life! Or at least an ice cream outing. Thanks for giving me the confidence to finally sleep train.

I woke up happier, refreshed, and a better mom because of it. And I actually had dreams last night! Albeit, weird ones, dreams nonetheless! Yeah for sleep training!!

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