Friday, June 18, 2010

Concrete Lightbulb for Father's Day

Present giving at our house is easy - we usually just get each other what we ask for. But a surprise once in awhile is nice too. So taking into account the my aerospace/mechanical engineer husband loves anything that screams "boy" and the fact that he also has two desks right now - one at work, one at the university...I found this little gem for him...

A Concrete Lightbulb! Love it. It'll look so great on his desk(s). Cheap to make - so I was still able to get him that other thing he wanted, and this will be his surprise. I'm making two - one for each desk. You can find the instructions here.

Since I don't want Little Miss dabbling in concrete - she will be using fabric paint to decorate a bbq apron for him that says - "My Kid Walks All Over Me", and of course, I'll paint the bottom of her feet and have her walk all over it too.

What fun things are you giving the man in your life this year?

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