Monday, October 25, 2010

E - Day

We did so many fun things for our E Day! I had barely introduced the subject when Little Miss piped up - "I have an E in my room! Come on, I'll show you!"

She was off and running to retrieve the rather large and rather pink E shown in the picture. She kept it out all day to show daddy when he got home.

First, we colored. I know, we color a lot. But Little Miss loves it, and as I've said before - it does promote fine motor skill development. So bring on the coloring! I found an array of images on a google search - and she chose to color the Easter Egg one...

Then we talked about body parts that start with the letter e - eyes, ears, and elbows...accompanied by singing an all-time classic - "Do your ears hang low?", with actions...

For lunch we had egg tortillas - one of our fav's! But really, I think I could put just about anything in a "portiya" and Little Miss would eat it...

After naptime we were going to make an elephant puppet - but sadly I didn't have any brown paper lunch instead we practiced our gluing and scissor skills...

Other E things we did - but failed to take pictures of...
  • Took a ride on an elevator
  • watched Elmo - of course
  • learned about and found a place to hear our echoes
Happy E Day!

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  1. This is the most clever, creative learning idea! I can only imagine that these kinds of activities make a huge impression on her mind and that "E" will be very easy to remember come school.


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