Monday, April 18, 2011

Carrot Birthday Party

This was the first party Little Miss had - her second is in a few days. Yes, she gets two this year...spoiled! We're moving soon, rather far away, and wanted to celebrate with my family and my husbands. So...two parties. She chose the themes. Her first party - a carrot party.

She saw a carrot cake at the store a year ago, right after her 2nd birthday party and announced that she wanted a carrot party for her next birthday - then she talked about it straight for 9 months...she doesn't forget anything! So...a carrot party it is! All based off of this cake...

I found a book to go with the theme. Carrot Soup by John Segal. Super cute.

It's all about this rabbit who can't find his carrots and he goes all over trying to find them. In the end he has carrot soup (his favorite) with his friends. There's even a recipe at the back of the book - which I didn't make, but that's okay.

So to begin the party I read Carrot Soup to the children (+ adults) - then we searched for the hidden carrots (+ chocolate) around the room. Which they loved!

After we found the carrots we tied them to string and tried to bite them with our hands behind our backs. This game didn't serve a purpose except for hilarity for those watching. It was super entertaining!

Next we ate soup (+ rolls) that had carrots in it. Yum! After dinner we opened presents. The end.

Themed. Fun. Simple. Low key. Easy clean up. Love my little girl! Can't believe she'll be 3 in a few days!!

I'll post pics of the next party too, which is also a food theme. Little Miss loves her food!

Did I mention the adults tried biting the carrots too? That made it way more fun! 

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  1. you have more than one husband? ;)

  2. That is ADORABLE!!!! Taylor's daughter wanted a cactus mermaid party for her 3rd... it was so adorable the stuff she came up with!


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