Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Green Carpet and Other Tidbits

It has been quite the whirlwind three months...here are some things I've learned...
  • Dark green carpet is the worst. It shows every tiny little speck of lint! Even right after vacuuming it still looks dirty. Green carpet and I do not get along. Donations for my "buy new carpet before I break my vacuum" fund are now being accepted. *thank you to the previous owners for putting in green carpet everywhere...*
  • Balancing life with two kids is hard...living with in-laws for 3 months, moving to a new state, buying your first home, seeing your mom through breast cancer, having everything you own packed away in storage, your husband starting a new job and finishing his thesis while learning to balance life with two kids - way harder. But doable.
  • Checking your email less than daily when you run a blog like this - big mistake! I will get back to you all - I promise. Just probably in between naps. =)
  • Ants are smart - I'm beginning to think our home was built on a big ant hill...cinnamon (the kind you cook with) works as an ant barrier. They will not cross it. Kind of a cool trick. I'm just hoping they don't figure out how to jump over it...they are smart ones these ants of mine!
  • People come first, not things. (I already knew this before - but it's been reiterated a lot lately) I like having unscheduled time. Before moving in with the in-laws I was uber scheduled and planned out. Now I'm somewhere in between. I love to get things done and be busy still - but sitting on the floor reading to my kids whenever I want comes way before cleaning or running errands. Sometimes it's okay to stay in your jammies all day. My self worth is not measured by the number of things I've crossed off on my to-do list.
  • And most of all - I love being a mom to these two munchkins!!

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  1. wow girl you are awesome!!!! and crazy busy! I love you.


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