Saturday, December 3, 2011

25 Days of Christ in Christmas

One of our new traditions this year...a simple countdown chain to ensure we focus on Christ being the center of Christmas at least once daily...

On each chain I wrote a scripture to look up followed by a question to be answered. Little Miss gets to take one link off a day - although we did 3 tonight...playing catch up is okay! It's not too late - get on board! This is such a fun way to teach Little Miss more about the birth of our Savior.

Making the chain was also great in other ways. Little Miss got to practice with scissors, then with patience while she waited for me to write on every link. =) It also gave us an opportunity to discuss patterns and numbers. Yay for multi-tasking!

Here is the list of the 24 scriptures & questions - I got them from here - where other good Christmas lesson ideas are! To make it 25 days - we'll be reading the whole Christmas story in Luke 2 on Christmas day...

How do you keep Christ the center of your Christmas?

Luke 1:26–33 
Who told Mary that she would have a baby?
Matt. 1:18–21 
Why did Mary and Joseph name the baby “Jesus”?
Luke 2:3–6 
Why did Joseph and Mary go to Bethlehem before Jesus was born?
Luke 2:7 
Why did Mary lay baby Jesus in a manger?
Luke 2:8–11 
To whom did the angel announce the Savior’s birth?
Luke 2:12 
What was used for a cradle for baby Jesus?
Luke 2:13–14 
Who joined the angel in praising God?
Luke 2:15–17 
Where did the shepherds go after the angels left?
Matt. 2:1–2 
How did the Wise Men know that Jesus had been born?
Matt. 2:7–10 
Where did Herod send the Wise Men?
Matt. 2:11 
How did the Wise Men show that they knew the young child was the Savior?
Matt. 2:13–15 
Why did Joseph take Mary and Jesus to Egypt?
Matt. 5:6 
Jesus Christ taught that we will be blessed for seeking righteousness. Spend at least 10 minutes reading scriptures or scripture stories.
Matt. 5:9 
Jesus Christ taught that we should be peacemakers. Be a peacemaker in your family by not arguing with others.
Matt. 5:16 
Jesus Christ taught that we should be good examples to others. Set an example by choosing the right.
Matt. 5:43–44 
Jesus Christ taught that we should love our enemies. In your personal prayers, ask a blessing for someone who has been unkind to you.
Matt. 6:3–4 
Jesus Christ taught that we should help other people. Perform a secret act of service for a member of your family.
Matt. 7:7–8 
Jesus Christ taught us that our prayers will be answered. Volunteer to say the family prayer.
Matt. 7:12 
Jesus Christ taught us to treat others as we would like to be treated. Write a letter to someone who is far away, such as a missionary or grandparent.
Luke 17:12–19 
Jesus Christ praised the leper who thanked Him. Write a note or draw a picture to thank your Primary teacher for what he or she has taught you.
Mark 10:13–14 
Jesus Christ showed that children are very important to Him. Show your love for a brother, sister, or parent by reading a story to him or her.
Matt. 22:37–39 
Jesus Christ taught us to love our neighbors. Work with your family to do something nice for a neighbor.
John 13:34 
Jesus Christ told us that we should love one another. Show your love to your parents by helping without being asked.
Isa. 9:6 
The celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ is a time for joy. Write in your journal the feelings you have for Him.


  1. Hi, This is good? I hope you don't mind if I repost this in my own blog and share in my FB account? I believe, my friends will find this amazing and useful.

  2. Thanks, Barb. I am totally going to use this for my sunbeam lesson today. Thanks for rewarding my procrastination . . . (p.s. you know that I am Hannah's sister right?)


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