Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleep Chronicles: Nap 1 & Night 1

NAP 1 - 75 minutes
I didn't intend to start at her naptime, but she was being super wiggly. So I calmy asked Little Miss in a nice voice if she would like to lay in her bed. She said yes. So I tucked her in and gave her bear & Spot & blankie (the essentials) to cuddle.

She loved this. I told her I loved her, I would stay there, and that it was time for sleep. I closed my eyes and didn't talk for the next 45 minutes...

During this time Little Miss would cuddle her animals, lay quietly, get up, tuck her animals in, lay down, get up, tuck them in...over and over again. Soon though, I smelled a needed bum change.

So I kept things quiet, talked little, and quickly changed her diaper. Right back into the crib she went. This time though, I couldn't stand anymore, so I sat in the rocking chair, but didn't rock. I closed my eyes, peeking every little while, but never letting her see my eyes open. She played for another 15 minutes, and every few minutes I had to tell her to lay down.

Then, she purposefully tossed her bear over the side and started with..."uh-oh, bear", and waited for my response. I did nothing.

She got increasingly concerned about her bear that she'd flung over the side and after a few minutes I opened my eyes, got bear, and before giving him back said calmy - "Do not toss him again, I will not pick him up. It's time for sleep. Lay down", gave bear back & resumed my position in the chair with eyes closed.

That was it. She had finally realized I would not be picking her up - time to sleep by herself. The crying began.

I kept my eyes closed and listened - a mother knows her child's cries. It was a, "look at me mom" tired cry, nothing serious. She wasn't hurt or scared. She just wanted to be in control. So I waited, every few minutes saying "Lay down", calmly with my eyes closed.

She would lay down angrily and look up every once in awhile, then get up and try again. This lasted all of 10 minutes before she was passed out cold in her crib, comfortably cuddling her bear.

The next trick - getting out of the old squeaky rocker without making a sound...what was I thinking!? Luckily, it didn't wake her & I was able to exit. Success!! From what I've read the first few times are the hardest...hopefully this proves true with Little Miss, she is super willful! But luckily, so is her mama!

NIGHT 1 - 20 minutes
Frantic crying/screaming...I think I'm gonna need some ear plugs, this girl's got lungs! And I think I lost any chance I had at getting the mom-of-the-year award. Luckily it was short lived.

Bedtime routine was the same - food, book, tubby, prayers, hugs & kisses...but instead of rocking her, I put her in her crib. Little Miss likes things explained to her, she handles things better that way.

So after daddy left the room I said very calmly, "You get to lay in your bed so you can learn to go to sleep like a big girl. Mommy will stay right here. I love you. Cuddle dolly. Time to sleep." And tucked her in. Instantly she knew what was up - she was on her feet and screaming, ticked. This girl was not about to let this happen again.

For 10 minutes she was hysterical, then slowed down around minute 12. During the first 10 minutes I would tell her "It's okay. Mommy's here. Time to sleep" - intermittently, but I think it only made her more mad.

By minute 14 she was laying quietly cuddling her bear and blankie. Minute 17 she was deep breathing and asleep. I stayed till minute 20 just to make sure she was in a deep sleep & I wouldn't wake her by leaving. Success! And in a shorter time! But I am worried that it was only that easy because she was tired (it was later than usual). We'll see tomorrow.

Also, I really do miss our cuddle time at night. It was hard to hear her cry like that and not get up to give her loves. It almost made me cry...but I said a silent prayer & kept reminding myself it was for her own good.

Just hope each time keeps getting better & I'll just have to give her extra cuddles during the day.

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