Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sleep Chronicles: Nap 2 & Night 2

NAP 2: 13 minutes
Pre-nap time was all the same, lunch, bum change, pick up toys - then I picked up Little Miss to carry her to her room so we could get extra cuddles in. She gave me big squeezes around the neck.

I also had been explaining to her while we picked up toys that it was almost naptime and she was going to go to sleep in her bed like a big girl & she would get to cuddle Spot (one of her favorite stuffed animals), keeping my voice light & positive.

One last hug & kiss. "I love you. Have a good nap. It's time for sleep. Cuddle Spot." I had barely started leaning over to tuck her in and she was crying and on her feet instantly. "I'll be right here (pointing to a spot on the rug). Time to sleep." I got comfy on the floor & closed my eyes.

She cried for all of 5 minutes, during which I calmly reminded her to sleep and lie down maybe 3 times. Then she gathered her cuddle items, got comfy and laid down. This needed praising - so I quietly whispered to her that she was doing so good laying down & I was very proud of her (trying to focus on the positive and not the negative).

By minute 10 she was deep breathing and asleep. Awesome!! Ten minutes to sleep! I'm loving this sleep training method! I hope it continues to work. Our ultimate goal: to be able to tuck her in, no tears, and leave the room...someday! I stayed an extra 3 minutes to ensure I wouldn't wake her while leaving.

NIGHT 2: 10 minutes
Ry was up to bat tonight & did awesome! We didn't want her to just get used to me & then have to start from square one with Ry, plus we like to rotate nights...wasn't quite sure if it was going to cause a set-back.

Usual bedtime, then she clung to Ry like a monkey as he put her in bed & tucked her in. She cried, not hysterically, for 2 minutes and that was it! She laid down & by minute 7 she was sound asleep. Minute 10 and he was out the door!

This is already leaps and bounds better than when we were rocking her. 10 minutes!? Seriously!?'s kind of a miracle. I feel like we should celebrate!

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