Tuesday, January 3, 2012

This Year I Will...

There are so many things I want to do it is ridiculous. Figuring out how to manage all of my interests has been a challenge.

Thanks to this book that I posted about awhile back, I have learned about Focal Points for people like me (and you..admit it...)

So, I will be tackling 4 things at a time this year. The four things can change anytime, as soon as something is accomplished. And since public accountability seems to work for me - here are some things I want to accomplish this year, in no particular order...and yes, I refuse to call them New Years Resolutions. They are simply goals.

I will not beat myself up, or give up, if I fall short, I will just work hard at trying. And if I don't get them done in 2012 - big deal! Have you seen my list? Chances are I won't... =)
  • Run a 5k without throwing up or passing out
  • Landscape our backyard
  • Garden like a mad woman and can everything possible!
  • Finish the 6 credits I need to graduate from Institute
  • Teach Infant Massage classes again
  • Become a Certified Lactation Consultant
  • Study for and possibly take the GRE
  • Earn my Young Women Personal Progress Award for Leaders
  • Make my own yogurt
  • Craft it up!
  • Make awesome family memories - camping, hiking, traveling
  • Spend more time cuddling with my babies
  • Attend the temple once a month without fail
  • Make my own bread every week
  • Sell more online in my new shop
  • Try Sushi
  • Date Night every week like we used to before Mr Man came along
  • Serve my friends and neighbors more diligently
  • Draw closer to my Savior through study & prayer
  • Refinish our thrift store piano and get it in the house so I can practice!
That's all I can think of right now. And probably a good list. So...stand by as I get busy. What are your goals this year?

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