Friday, March 2, 2012

Not a Hippie

I'd like to preface this post with this statement...I am not a hippie. I don't go barefoot, I don't protest big companies with picket signs, I love free market and capitalism, I hate big government...not a hippie. Just a conservative republican. Having said that...

I succumbed and watched Food, Inc. I hate shows that use scare tactics but I was interested. And really, it was on Netflix so...I don't know if I'll ever eat meat again. Ever. Okay - maybe if we raise and butcher it ourselves (and by ourselves, I mean my husband).

Yikes to the food industry! There are so many things I want to change about the way we eat. I was already headed in that direction - but this definitely propelled me forward. More fresh fruits and veggies. Less processed foods.

In the last few months we've made some changes - homemade bread, homemade yogurt (recipes to come), and our chickens started laying eggs! So yay for not having to buy expensive eggs anymore! Everything in California is so expensive - so lots of these changes were spurred by the desire to save money. We've also been canning lots - salsa, applesauce, pears, chicken.

And our garden plots are nearly ready to be planted in. We have 4 plots - 16x4 feet each - super excited to fill them up with veggies! My husband also just planted our seventh fruit tree. We have 3 apple, 2 pears, 1 nectarine, and 1 peach. So excited to reap the rewards of that hard work in the next couple of years!

Other changes headed our way...I really want to incorporate LOTS more veggies and fruit into our diets and minimize the meat. We are not vegetarians - I love a good hamburger. But we don't need meat as often as we eat it right now. I want to find other sources of protein and eat more "pure" foods, less processed. Have any good recipes to pass on? Please share!

Does it make anyone else mad that it costs more to eat healthy than to eat junk food? Maddening! Watch Food Inc if you haven't - it's very enlightening.


  1. I really appreciated the movie "Food Inc." And I still don't like to eat Monsanto meat because of it! Or those poor big breasted chickens. In fact i didn't eat meat for a year for health reasons.

  2. I don't think it's so bad to be a hippie...

    Yah, there are a lot of things out there about the food industry that you don't want to know.


  3. Also I've read a bunch of Michael Pollan's books (sounds like his voice in this trailer; I haven't seen the film yet) -- he's excellent.

  4. Eric has an uncle who used to be a cattle rancher. We got all our meat from him, and he even did the butchering. It was so nice! (And much tastier.) Unfortunately he got too old and retired. I don't remember, was Food Inc the one that also talked about Monsanto and GMO's? That's the other scary thing: even all the fruits and veggies aren't that good for you, unless you can afford nothing but organic. It's hard! Growing your own is good, though. Have you seen Azure Standard online? I haven't ever bought from them, but I have many friends who rave about them.

  5. I've avoided it as well, partly because I don't want to know. Processed food is so easy, and cheap. But i am heading in this direction too. Please share all you find on here!


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