Friday, March 30, 2012

There's Always Silver Lining

What a horrible no good very bad week this has been....between the 4 of us we've had the flu, a migraine, 3 nasty colds with sore throats, a bout of croup followed by an asthma attack, and pink eye (at least I'm pretty sure it's pink eye)...let's look at the flip side shall we....

I got the flu on a day when Ry could easily stay home from work, he can use his sick leave (which he's got plenty of) to stay home and take care of his family, I magically got better in time to take care of him when his fever was raging above 102, neither of the kids caught the nasty flu (thank heavens! One-year-olds don't know how to aim for the toilet when throwing up)...

Yes, Little Miss having an asthma attack is scary - but she's got an awesome daddy who's had asthma since he was tiny and knows how to help her stay calm and learn how to control her breathing. The bout of croup came on a night when the air was nice and cold, just right for opening up the airways. And the pink eye - well, that belongs to me. Our sweet little ones don't have it (yet) and I know how to not touch my eye and wash my hands when I do.

Another plus - we're not attending normal church this weekend, because it's General Conference (which rocks!), so we can watch that at home instead of missing regular church or getting exposed to more germs. And, my dr had a cancellation today so I can get what I need for my pink eye! Woot!

So...sick, yes - but blessed, very!

And amidst all the sickness I was still able to make 18 jars of jam, freeze chicken & 3 bags of sliced strawberries, paint Little Miss's bedroom, do laundry, and catch up on some of the cleaning. Wow. I'd say that's pretty good for feeling slightly dead to the world.

Do you take the time to find your silver lining?

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