Thursday, June 14, 2012

Naptime is Sacred!

Seriously. Naptime is the best thing ever. Little Miss stopped napping the day we brought Mr Man home from the hospital. It was a very sad day for this mommy. Our current naptime routine consists of the following...

Mr Man sleeps from 1pm-4pm (sometimes a little less) and in those three hours I cram as much in as possible. Laundry, weeding, cleaning, reading, writing in my journal, prepping for dinner, spending time with Little Miss and reading to her...the time flies. But it is special. And without it I would be one frazzled mommy with a messy(er) house.

Naptime is a time to play catch up for me. Naptime is a time to give Little Miss some much needed one-on-one, my full undivided attention, an opportunity to make her feel extra special. Naptime is also extremely necessary and good for Mr Man...

Proper amounts of *restful* sleep are vital for brain development in children. Vital! And vital for mommy's sanity. So around our house we stop everything to make sure naptime is a consistent enjoyable experience for all. I schedule my day around it. My errands are done in the morning and I leave things that can be done during naptime, until naptime. So loud things - like vacuuming are done early in the day.

Consistency is the key. Same time everyday. Dark window treatments to block out the light and the same white noise Mr Man gets at night.

Because, naptime is sacred...

What are your naptime tricks and tips?

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  1. sheesh-- G just woke up and all I did during his nap was watch the Batchelorette! oh well... ;) we do dark room and white noise too!


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