Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Week Update on Potty Training & A Winner

First...the winner of the YoBaby Yogurt 3-in-1 Meals Package was....

Amber who said, "This looks really neat, I would like to try it! Pick Me!" - well random.org must have been listening - because it picked you! Email me your mailing address at barb.themomblog(at)gmail(dot)com so you can get your stuff! Congrats! Thanks for playing everyone else!

And a quick update on potty training...it's been a week since we ditched the diapers. It was a long week - but oh so good. Little Miss was very ready, I was very ready. Making it super fun and always having a positive attitude - even when I was cleaning up messes - made all the difference.
  • Day 1: 6 Accidents
  • Day 2: 2 Accidents
  • Day 3: 1 Accident
  • Day 4: 0 Accident
  • Day 5: 0 Accidents
  • Day 6: 0 Accidents
  • Day 7: 0 so far...
It got to a point where she wouldn't sit on the potty if I asked her - but if the potty timer went off she was all for it. She used to get a jelly bean/mini marshmallow everytime - now it's whenever she remembers, which isn't that often.

The first few days I had to get really creative to keep her inside - since the outside warm weather was mocking us. But I knew if we went outside she would not come back in, throw a fit, have an accident. So a little painters tape helped with hopscotch (thanks for the idea Nicole).

After a few days her muscles started to really develop too. We went from sitting on the potty for 30 minutes waiting for something to come out - to sitting on the potty less frequently and when she did get on almost instantly something came out. Hooray! I still have to remind her/ask her if she needs to use the potty - but she's getting to the point where she'll tell me and run for the bathroom.

She's still in Pull-Up's for naps and diapers at nighttime, but we've made definite progress!

The real test was church on Sunday. We had her sit on a "special" blanket - just in case...and then it was just a matter of telling her teachers what we were doing and they were awesome about getting her on the potty every 1/2 hour. But...she held it till we got home. What's with kids and using public restrooms? Oh, well. At least she didn't have an accident!

I still haven't taken her to run errands, or really anywhere away from a bathroom. Maybe we'll venture out a little this week.

A couple of things that helped me keep a positive attitude:
  1. Can't get upset when they have accidents because they really do have to practice using those muscles and make them strong enough to "hold it" - it just takes time.
  2. Everyone gets potty trained! So don't stress - it'll happen.
  3. I kept thinking of all the money we'll save not buying diapers and all the cute shoes/clothes I can buy with that money...or, more responsibly, the debt we can pay off faster.
Are you potty training your little one and having a completely different experience? Would you like to have a specific concern addressed? Let me know!

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  1. wow, look how fast her accidents dropped! amazing. i love that she held it through church. that really says something, huh? she sure has those muscles going!

  2. I am so impressed with how well she's done! And how well YOU have done! Way to go!

  3. Barb, that is seriously awesome. i have bought addison a little potty, but haven't officially started the training. We travel so much in the summer (think 6 hours drives every 2 weeks) that i think i will try in the fall or winter. When we don't want to leave the house anyway. :) You will be my inspiration!


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