Monday, August 2, 2010

Baby #2

I'm 13 weeks along with baby #2!! I foresee a lot of posts dealing with baby #2, becoming a family of 4, transitioning...etc. Meanwhile - here's my cute little bug.

When we told Little Miss she immediately decided it was a little sister. She talks about the baby in my tummy and how it's growing healthy and strong. She also decided it's fun to poke the baby in my tummy. It's pretty funny.

So - all of you moms who have gone from 1 to 2...any advice? I hear it's a harder transition than going from 0 to 1.


  1. congrats! how exciting! i need advice on going from 1 to's a big step it seems.

  2. don't ask taylor-- she'll just depress you! :) but truth be told, i'm here in Seattle with her right now and she is an ADORABLE, calm, loving mommy of 2. it's draining though-- even just helping!

  3. We were concerned with our first to second too! We had a big tough boy and then prepared for a tender baby girl. (which turned out to be flipped...a tender boy and a tough baby girl)

    But the best transition for the first child is to make sure that they don't feel like the change is sudden or constantly talking about the new baby! Like it is totally little Misses idea! You are right on, let her touch your tummy, talk to her baby, play with dolls with her...
    Now, transitioning for the parents came totally naturally, just like that number one! You will get their naps synchronized so you can nap too--or clean the house! You will be just as awesome with 2 as you are with one! And--best part--double the benefits!

    Best thing to remember with that step to 2...don't forget your husband! He will need you more than ever! Sometimes it's okay to let babies cry so you can have a little mommy/daddy time!
    Congratulations! You are so cute and awesome! Take lots of belly pictures! (I never did with any of mine, and I regret it!)

  4. Yay! Congrats! I think it was more of a transition going from 0 to 1 than from 1 to 2. I think it hasn't been hard at all! After one you are already a pro! I am even already excited and thinking about the prospects of a #3 sometime in the future. Call me crazy. Mine are really close as well. Ages 2 (girl) and 11 months (boy). 16 months apart!

  5. as Hannah alluded to, our transition was rough. so rough in fact, that just last week my husband said that he could never imagine wanting another kid. but I have friends who thought it was way easier than the first kid. so i think it depends on your postpartum mood--I was not doing well, therefore the family wasn't.


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