Monday, August 23, 2010

Safety Kids: The Telephone Song

Little Miss isn't one to wander in public places - but I do keep a close eye on her still. My mom ingrained in me a fear of being lost as a child, which has now translated to a fear of losing my child. I was thinking about this today while driving home and flipped off the radio to have a chat with Little Miss. She's not quite 2 1/2 - so I keep things simple. Our conversation went something like this...

"Hey - do you want to learn a fun new song?"


"Okay, listen real close...I know my number, my telephone number it's XXX-XXXX...Here, I'll sing it again..."

I sang it to her about 4 times before she started singing along. Within 5 minutes she was singing the whole phrase by herself - including my 7 digit cell phone number flawlessly.

This perfection of the sequence of numbers was what I was going for and I praised it immensely! We called grandma and grandpa to tell them and let her show off her new song. We called daddy and left a message. All the praise really helped Little Miss not only practice the song, but get it cemented in her memory.

I then told her that if she ever got lost and couldn't find mommy or daddy she should find a nice adult that will help her call mommy's phone and she can sing them the song so they know the number to call.

I could see the little lightbulb click - she got it! She keeps singing it and pretending to call me on her play phone. So glad my mom had us listen to The Safety Kids while growing up - that song is catchy!

Not familiar with The Safety Kids? You can find all their music available for digital download here.

And if you just want the tune of the telephone song - here it is...

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  1. I love the safety kids the safety kids! We grew up with them too!
    You've got a smart little woman!


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