Wednesday, September 15, 2010

B - Day

I kept our B day pretty low-key due to a lack of time. I'd rather get a little learning in then not do it because I'm stressing out over how extravagant it is or isn't.

Little Miss and I started out by coloring a B picture - barn, boy, bucket...then we made a list of all the b words we could think of on the back of our picture. We also read a lot of books, played with balls outside, and blew bubbles.

Everywhere we went we pointed out b things - bike, blue house, etc. We also ate b foods for snacks - bananas, bread & butter, etc. She always tells me "B is for Grandma Bobbie!" - so of course we saw Grandma Bobbie on our B day.

Some other b foods to eat: bacon, beans, brocolli, brussel sprouts, beef, baklava, barbecue chicken, banana cream pie, berries, bell peppers, bagels, brownies.

If we'd had more time we definitely would have gone on a bus ride - one of Little Miss's favorite things to do.


  1. Great ideas! I hung a few letters up in the kitchen so my daughter could see them all the time. I put pictures next to the hude letters and the words, like ball, boat, etc. It worked well. I am here from Top Mommy blogs! You have a new follower. Come visit Mama's Little Chick. Have a great day!

    Mama Hen

  2. I seriously can't wait to do letters with Ryan. I wish he was the same age as S so I could copy you in everything. I just hope I don't forget when he gets that age. :)

    P.S. You may hate or love me, but I saw an uddercovers thing on Babycenter and of course had to say how awful they are and how people should buy covers from Etsy like the ones you sell. I seriously love yours so much. So if you get too many orders, let me know and maybe I can help you with some of them so you don't hate me! :)


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