Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Orange Day

I am way behind on posting my preschool lessons - we did orange day more than a week ago. Little Miss is loving these "days" and is starting to declare that it's a "heart day" or a "white day" or a "bike day" all on her own. Whatever she is into that day.

I am a believer in letting the child lead the way in learning - if you can follow their current interests and tie in learning activities and opportunities the lessons are more likely to stick in their memory since it was their idea, them leading the way. But back to orange day...

We dressed in orange, of course - and Little Miss wore her orange sunglasses and played her orange recorder while we ran errands.

We also cut out anything orange we could find in a magazine and she practiced her glue stick skills to make a collage. Not too long ago she thought the glue stick was I figured it was time to teach her what it really was before she glued her lips together.

I needed to run errands - and since we seem to run short on time daily and I'm a multitasker, why not do our lesson on the go? So we hunted for orange things in the grocery store while I picked up our food for the week.

We bought the orange carrots and the orange to have with our lunch - which also included orange mac n' cheese.

We finished off our orange day with a coloring page - she loves to color! It's all she wants to do anymore. And she also had to show me that zoe on her panties was orange...

Any other great ideas to add to orange day? Please share!!

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