Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Red Day

My favorite color is red, and usually when I ask Little Miss - she'll say red is hers too. So we had a red day. First - we both dressed in red and read Little Red Riding Hood.

Then we went on a red hunt..."We're going on a red hunt, we're going to find red. We're not scared...what a beautiful day!" Just like the chant in the book We're Going On A Bear Hunt. Little Miss loved this game. Apparently the only color I know how to decorate with is red (like I said, it's my fav, don't judge me...) so we had no trouble finding red around the house!

After finding a ladybug shaped rock outside, washing and drying it - we painted with red. Little Miss loves painting and after her ladybug rock was finished asked for a piece of paper...

While our ladybug rocks dried we ate some red snacks - craisins, red vines, red juice, and a healthy red shake made with frozen strawberry puree, fresh banana and yogurt.

Then it was off to campus - I had a class to attend, so Grandma took her on a red hunt around campus - they found a book about red, a red apple, red fire hydrants, red painted curbs, red stop signs, and lots of college kids to dote on her. Which of course, she loved.

We finished our red day by coloring a page about red things before nap time.

Having a color day is a great opportunity to reinforce the known, or introduce new concepts to younger children, and help your child be more aware of her surroundings. Painting and coloring were also great activities to help those fine motor skills develop.


  1. You do the absolute funnest stuff! I can't wait until Ryan is old enough to do these things. Your energy with being pregnant is amazing as well!

  2. I think it is great you are doing these learning activities! If you need more ideas, UEN has a ton at our Preschool Pioneer website - preschool.uen.org. One of my favorite things is an activity calendar (http://preschool.uen.org/curriculum/september_s/calendar.htm) it has tons of activity ideas for each day, just like your red day.

    Have fun and hope to see you guys soon!


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