Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby #2 is...

...a boy!! We're thrilled. It was so fun to take Little Miss to the ultrasound with us. She was a little wiggly, but really loved seeing things she could identify - like these cute feet...

Love his little nose and I just have to figure out would be the time to give me little boy advice - anything random you would like to pass on?


  1. Congratulations! Boys are so fun! It is always amazing how unique each child is...and yet, so stereotypical too! Boys are tough, rough and dangerous! They have a tender spot for mommy and love to play hard with daddy! Congrats! Yay yay yay!

  2. Yay for boys! That will be fun! Little Miss will be a very responsible big sister! We are excited for you guys!

  3. Advice: You will get peed on. Just be prepared. Those tee-pees help but they can't be on all the time when the diapers off.

  4. new reader here!

    i just had a boy almost 6 months ago after having a little girl - mine are 2.5 years apart, like i think yours will be.

    i was peed on the very first diaper change, also had some exploding meconium. niiiice. it's no big deal though. and he doesn't do it very often, actually. it's pretty funny, but shocking when it happens.

    i was honestly surprised how much i loved my little boy, right away. i never felt that with my first. there is just something about a little boy and their mama!

    good luck!


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