Wednesday, September 29, 2010

C - Day

Our C Day was a big hit - Little Miss is still talking about it! First we started by making cookies in our pajamas.

Then we colored a card for Auntie Carrie that had a cat on it.

Next we got the card and some of our fresh cookies and carrots ready to drop of at Auntie Carrie's work.

When we got home we played a new game - this is the part she won't stop talking about, and we play it almost daily now. Coins in a Cup. Set the cups up, stand back and try to toss the coins in. This is the day she learned about President Abraham Lincoln as well - she mistook him for a historic religious leader of our church, it was pretty cute.

Then we played with sidewalk chalk and colored everything we could think of that started with the letter, camel, circle, our neighbor Carmen...

This next activity wasn't on the list - but it worked out great. Little Miss wanted to do puzzles and she chose her cat puzzle. Perfect. Oh, did I mention she wore a cat shirt all day?

And after nap time, we wrapped up our C day by coloring and gluing cotton balls on a letter C page.
Phew! What a fun day! Have any other great letter C activities you want to share? Please comment!


  1. Very fun! I have been trying to do some educational activities with my kids everyday. Thank you for the inspiration! :)

  2. did she confuse Abe with Brigham Young? I did that ALL the time growing up!!!!!!!


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