Monday, February 1, 2010

Aflac Supplemental Maternity Insurance

If you're planning to have a baby in the next 2 1/2 years and can afford an extra $100 a month keep reading...

Aflac has amazing supplemental maternity insurance (no, I do not work for them) and they're stopping the program in 12 days because they simply do not make money on it. Here's the down low...

You pay $100/month - can't have a baby within 10 months of signing up and as long as you have a baby within 2 1/2 years you'll break even.

After having a baby you get a hold of your insurance agent, get him some paperwork (itemized bills and such) and for a 3 night stay in the hospital you will have a check written to you for $3,300.

Then you cancel the policy (that's why they don't make money on it). So, just to give you an idea of what this could do for you here are a couple of scenarios...

Little Miss was 3 1/2 weeks early, had to go to the NICU & have an MRI when she was born, but everything else was normal - after regular insurance coverage we owed $900. If we'd had this Aflac plan then that would have been covered and the remaining $2,400 would have gone into savings, a CD, debt, whatever we wanted it to be.

After having a C-section one of my friends is still in debt around $4,000 - this would have made that debt only $700.

Another friend had a lot of pregnancy problems, extra doctors visits, etc - luckily she had the Aflac supplemental insurance and broke even. Aflac and see an agent before Feb 12th if you're planning on having a baby soon-ish. And please, pass on the good word!


  1. Hey! I just saw your comment on Ashley's blog. This looks like an awesome blog. I am going to put it on my list.

    We just signed up for maternity and I am trying to get the info out to more people as well. It stinks that they are leaving. Boo.

  2. Its funny you should post about this! My husband says we are not allowed to have another baby until we can get on Aflac. Open enrollment for us is in June.
    We spent so much on our little girl's birth and cranio surgery last year I think he felt a little overwhelmed.

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