Monday, February 15, 2010

Bebe Spy-Cam

Also known as, the Bebe Sounds Portable Color Video and Sound Monitor - but we like to call it our spy-cam. This was probably one of the best purchases we ever made.

If you've read the Sleep Chronicles, then you know how difficult sleep training was for us & this little wonder made all the difference!

While sleep training we could see what Little Miss was doing and if she needed us or if she was calming down on her own. This way we didn't go in to her room and spoil things too early.

I love that we can see her and make sure she's safe at any moment, and when we just want the sound - we can flip the video off to save the (rechargeable) battery.

The camera can be mounted on the wall. Love the infrared night vision, so we can see our little darling in the dark - although the glowing eyes when she's awake are a little freaky. =)

And to top off the awesomeness - you can have two cameras plugged in to the same receiver! And your video will switch every five seconds between kids. Can't wait to use this feature when we have our next little bug!

There is the usual interference with cell phones and such, but nothing bad. You just have to reposition. The only thing I don't like is the range it has - you really can't live in a huge house and have this thing work. But for us - it's been great!

For less than half price we bought ours on

You can find one here.

*If you're worried about people driving around your neighborhood with a receiver and being able to see your baby - don't be! Remember the poor reception. There's no way someone could pick up the signal outside your home!

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