Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do It Yourself: Matching Nursery Curtains

Ever wonder why the crib bedding you bought came with a valance, but no curtains? Me too! It drives me nuts.

So I set out to make my own matching curtains. My trick: the extra, unseen material on the backside of the bed skirt. It doesn't need to be there! No one will know if it's gone. And just like that... have matching curtains. I took the valance to a fabric store with me to match colors. Then I made simple curtains. But they didn't look quite right, they needed trim. So off came the extra material on the back of the bed skirt.
A little eye-balling (I'm lazy when it comes to measuring for projects like this).
A few hems & voila! A finished look.
Another trick to tie the room together - homemade art. I bought four square canvases on sale. Used the comforter to sketch out some ideas on paper.
Bought some matching craft paint - thanks to carrying that small valance around in my purse again. And...
...a cheap, simple way to finish a room.
This project really is for anyone! I am not artistic at all as far as painting goes. I used a pencil to sketch things on to the canvas, that way I could erase when needed. For those circles - I traced glasses, tupperware, whatever was the right size.

Do you have a DIY (do it yourself) trick for decorating on a small budget?


  1. those look really cute! i've thought about using the back part of our crib skirt for a valance or something so i'm liking this idea. :)

  2. I am doing the same thing with the back part of the skirt for a valence. I also got some cute curtains to go with it at bed bath and beyond. I am so excited to finish his room! I just need to wait until March when we have more money. :)

    His whole room is going to be DIY ideas that I got from Design Dazzle. I can't wait to finish and post it. I love the canvas and drape in Little Miss' room. SO cute!!

  3. SUPER CUTE!!! Such a great idea.

  4. This is way cute. I think when my sister gets closer to her due date I'm going to do this project with her.

  5. The idea is so nice. Love the colors that you used. It is really something so adorable.
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