Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Aquadoodle Travel N' Doodle

We got the Aquadoodle Travel N' Doodle for Little Miss for Christmas with one thing in mind...keeping her entertained & fairly quiet during church, long car rides, anytime she needs to sit still and not make a lot of noise.

Let me just say...I love you Aquadoodle!! So far it has worked like a charm. I love that the pen is filled with tap water - that way she can't do any damage if she colors on other things. I like that it's a toy that can grow with her.

Her favorite way to use the Aquadoodle right now - she uses the pen to paint her nails, my nails, sometimes daddy's nails. Such a girl.

The only thing I've heard, but not experienced first hand, is if the mat gets soaked, completely wet, it gets ruined. So make sure you don't let your little one take it in the bathtub and all should be fine!

Oh, and toddlers have a tendency to want to use crayons on it - which doesn't come off. We learned that the hard way.

Only $15 - totally worth it (we found ours at Wal-mart - but for some reason they don't have it online)


  1. i've seen those around. they look really fun and would keep a busy toddler occupied. i'll have to check them out.

    i found your blog through Christina O. i like what you are doing!

    Heather Jennings

  2. I just got one of these for my 15 month old for traveling on the airplane over the holidays. Thanks for your little review, glad to know it's a hit. And thank you for the warning about getting it wet :) That would have been very sad!


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