Thursday, February 11, 2010

Paper Flowers

Last year - I got paper flowers...was I disappointed?! Hardly! I told Ry I did not want him to buy me flowers for Valentine's - they are far too expensive and just end up dying anyway.

So he got creative. He got online & learned how to fold paper flowers. He used sturdy paper & a year later they are still beautiful and on my nightstand.

I love that he spent the time making me flowers I could treasure longer. I love that while doing it, he let me have a break from being a mom by taking Little Miss (10 months at the time) into her room to play while he folded paper. Best husband ever award.

A wise man once said...

"Communication is essentially a matter of conversation. They must have communicated when they were courting. Can they not continue to speak together after marriage? Can they not discuss with one another in an open and frank and candid and happy way their interests, their problems, their challenges, their desires?

"It seems to me that communication is essentially a matter of talking with one another. Let that talk be quiet for quiet talk is the language of love."

So on this mom blog I thought it appropriate to talk about marriage since the day of love is coming up. And a happy wife = a happy mom.

So...if you're married, do your husband a favor - TELL HIM WHAT YOU WANT FOR VALENTINE'S. Specifically. Exactly what you want. Then he will be happy (and relieved), you will be happy, and happy parents = happy kids.

When doing my undergrad studies on family relationships - specifically marital relationships - I learned that lack of communication is often a marriage's downfall. Men tend to speak plainly. It's us girls who expect our guys to read our minds, which usually leads to disappointment.

Don't fall into that trap. Just tell him straight up - "I want flowers", "I want chocolate", "I want a backrub". Unless you want a surprise - then plan on being exceptionally happy with whatever he gets you! And enjoy a great Valentine's!


  1. That is so romantic! I have had to learn that my hubby is not romantic. He really never was, and he never will be. I just need to lower that expectation and do what you say and tell him what I want. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  2. I LOVE those!!!!!! I already employed your tactic and told Neal "I want a pedicure" and then I was going to paint my fingernails and he was like "ummmm why don't you wait on that?" so I can tell he got me a manicure too! SWEET! I've never had a professional one so I wanted to try ;)

  3. Mani & Pedi?! Lucky...I've never had a professional one either - unless you count going to the beauty college...=)


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