Friday, March 4, 2011

145 lbs and Proudly Wearing My Skinny Jeans!

Still not my usual 130 - but I'll take it for now! Not too shabby for 5 weeks post baby and having not worked out at all...

...Now if only it was comfortable to sit down in my skinny jeans. Gotta love that extra roll of stretched out skin on your stomach after having a baby. It doesn't ever seem to go away. Sure wish it would! One more week and I can workout!! Woo-woo!!

After posting about the colic yesterday (thanks for all the comments!) - Mr. Man was colicy all I quickly decided to cut out the dairy... ::sniff:: and the chocolate. Seriously. So. Hard. For. Me.

But, if it means a happy baby...I'll do it. So I'm putting it to the test this week. Also - going along with this weight loss post - maybe I'll shed some more pounds since dairy has a lot of calories. Just trying to look at the bright side while ice cream sits in my freezer. =)


  1. Congatulations on loosing weight so fast after just having a baby. I know how it is. I still need to loose 10 more kilos. :( But I'm working hard on it! I just found you on MMB.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. The not having dairy will definitely help with losing the extra weight. I had the same problem when my son was first born and. Gave up dairy for the whole year I breastfed and the weight just came right off without exercise. You are looking amazing though, can't even tell you just had a baby. I found you on MMB.

  3. so love this well done! I am finding it really hard to shift my weight at the moment but am feeling so much better for it. Naomi


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