Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Never Too Early...

Currently, I'm awkwardly sitting sideways in our office chair - chair cannot be moved because it is wedged in between towers of moving boxes. And since typing sideways is...difficult to say the least. I'll make this short. Here is something I've been thinking about lately...(I planned on having cute pictures, but due to moving + a lovely bout of croup with the Little Miss you'll just have to imagine it...)

There are a couple of things it is never too early to start teaching your children...they are never too young to...
  • Have manners! Even before Little Miss could talk we had her signing "please" and "thank you", I wouldn't give her things for fussing or grunting - she had to be polite. Yep, I'm that kind of mom. Judge away. Ever seen the movie "Raising Helen"? You should. It's a good flick. There is one scene where the preggo sister reprimands her unborn fetus for kicking her while "mommy is trying to talk". It's pretty much hilarious, and played by Joan Cusack. Go watch it - you'll love it!
  • Have patience! Children should have patience. They don't need to feel entitled to everything they want right away and as their parents we can teach them this fairly easily at a very young age. Here's the trick - don't be quick to give them everything. "In a minute" is fine for a child to hear. Little Miss hears it too often apparently - she's started saying it to me. Which is also, hilarious.
  • Know how to give mommy a backrub...I am very serious about this one. My back hurts after a long day of being mommy - plus I love backrubs. So...why not!? Here are 2 tricks to a good kid backrub...
  1. A paint roller. We have a small one that Little Miss can easily grip and she is loving "painting" mommy's back. Super fun for her - feels good for me. It's a win-win. *insert cute picture here of Little Miss giving me a paint roller backrub*
  2. Drawing pictures. When I was little my grandma would have us draw pictures on her back using our fingers and she would try to guess what we drew. For some reason she could never figure it out and would always ask us to do it lady. Love this game! Thank you grandma!
So, start teaching your children! And if you're wondering - paint rollers are super cheap at wal-mart! =)


    1. Don't you hate it when they start saying things back to you like "just a minute"?! You know you really shouldn't encourage it, but you can't keep a straight face! There have been times when my kids said or did something totally innappropriate, but I don't know whether to discipline or laugh out loud. ;)

      I agree with the backrub thing, too. Love it! We used to do a reward system where they could earn points for good behavior, and then save the points to turn in for priveleges or money. I actually assigned points for giving mom a backrub, and they would always want to give me one so they could earn points for whatever they were saving up for!!

      I always say kids are never too young to learn how to obey the first time. When they're little, it's more like redirecting when they don't obey, as opposed to discipline when they're older, but they can learn very early in life what your expectations are and that you don't ask a second time! (Not that they always do it, even when they get older, but at least they know what they should be doing, even if they're not doing it!)

    2. You are so cute and so genius! You tickle me every time I read you. :)
      Grammy T.


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