Saturday, March 5, 2011

Stages of Waking or Why I Love the Miracle Blanket

Ever heard of the Miracle Blanket? I hadn't until my niece clued me in last December. Sure could have used this thing with Little Miss - she had to be swaddled to sleep until she was 9 months old, and she was quite an escape artist. This would've saved us.

Let me show you how it works...backwards, while my Mr Man wakes up....isn't he cute sleeping so soundly?

This is the miracle blanket (one size fits all)...looks like a little baby straight jacket...

...and it is...

There is a rather long piece of material off to the left side that wraps around your child a couple of times to keep them snug...

Then there are the arm flaps - which we don't actually use properly yet because Mr Man is just not strong enough to break free. However, as your child gets older you wrap the flap around the arm and under the torso. This way the weight of the child actually keeps the arms down by their sides.

And as you get unwrapped - you have to stretch...

...and stretch...

...and get mauled by your older sister...

To see a video of how it works - click here. I ordered mine from and it was worth every penny!!


  1. love this blanket! nice to see it isn't just my kid that stretches forever when unwrapped! i'm fearing the day he gets too long for it. i might actually undo the foot pouch and put in a longer piece of fabric or something!

  2. Ryan was the same way! Although, I didn't spend money on a miracle blanket. :) If you just use a receiving blanket, put the two corners together to make a triangle and put that in the swaddler, it works the same way. Use the blanket to keep the arms down and then fasten the swaddler. Worked until Ryan was about 10 months old. :)

  3. It is a miracle. I loved to swaddle and snuggle them. :)


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