Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Confessions of a Germaphobe

Yep - I'm a germaphobe. Are you? It's gotten worse now that I have small children too. I disinfect everything weekly and if someone is sick we don't see them until well after they're better. Unless they don't tell us they're sick and show up unannounced and insist on hugging Little Miss...you know who you are. So rude. Anyway...

My germaphobe-ness (just made up that word) has led to a brilliant discovery! You can only continue reading if you promise to laugh and then try it yourself....

I wash my hands ridiculous amounts of times. Every time we come home we wash. Just before we eat we wash. After taking Little Miss potty I wash. After changing Mr Man's bum I wash. And the list goes on. And with the added bonus of it being winter my hands are like sandpaper! Poor husband has to hold sandpaper hands. It was getting so bad that the skin in between each finger was cracking and bleeding on a regular basis.

I found an old lotion sample, threw it in my purse, and started using it whenever I remembered. Aquaphor by Eucerin. Grease-fest! After leaving an entire hand print on the chiropractor table (so gross - I promised him it was lotion, not sweat) - I decided I would only use it right before bed. And a miracle happened - I woke up every morning with super soft hands that lasted almost the entire day. Too good to be true.

When my sample was out I went to wal-mart to buy more. But, stopped off at the baby aisle to grab some A&D bum cream for Mr Man first. You'll never guess what I saw there - Baby Aquaphor by Eucerin...bum cream?! Same bottle - all they did was add the "Baby". I took that bottle with me to the lotion aisle and compared ingredients...exactly the same! But, if purchased in bum cream form it was a lot cheaper.

So...every night I apply a nice slather of bum cream to my hands. =) No joke. My hands are super soft and surviving the winter great! I've even had a couple of people mention how soft my hands are - which hasn't happened f.o.r.e.v.e.r! Awesome.

That's my confession - I use bum cream on my hands as lotion. You should try it - you'll like it!


  1. I love how many times you said "bum" in this post!! ;) I do the same thing every night with Neutrogena Hand Cream (same thing). SO worth it!

  2. that stuff is for bums? we picked it up for jace's face rashes. and recently i discovered it makes those raw red noses from tissue use so much better.


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