Thursday, March 18, 2010

One Thing Teachers Wish They Could Say To Parents...

My best friend, who's a teacher, posted this on her blog awhile ago and I had to share it - she's just too funny...

Hey you! YES, I'm talking to YOU!

Why in the world would you SEND YOUR KID TO SCHOOL WHEN THEY ARE CLEARLY* SICK AND MISERABLE!?!?!??! What is so important that you have no choice but to send your kid to school to contaminate everyone else?!?! (including your child's TEACHER aka... ME!)

This is my mean teacher stink eye. . . . feel the anger?

Seriously folks, don't be those parents.. you know... "those parents!" Keep your child HOME if s/he is sick!!!! Give them the rest, love and attention they deserve... and spare the rest of us the germs!

A message on behalf of Kindergarten Teachers everywhere.

*I know sometimes kids come to school feeling fine and then get sick during the day. I'm not talking about this. I'm talking about the "oops you have a fever but I have to go to work... just take some tylenol and be a trooper" situations.

I've been thinking about parents and their inability to not infect everyone else with their kids germs lately. When your child is sick and your stuck at home it stinks! I get super antsy and just need to get out of the house. But, do I? Nope.

When Little Miss had croup a few weeks ago we stayed home for a good solid week and a half...boring, but respectful of other moms and their kids who we could have passed it on to.

Why can't all moms be respectful? Grr. I took Little Miss to the library last week and I overheard a mom on her cell phone telling the pediatrician all of the symptoms her daughter had and setting up an appointment...the daughter that was right there next to my Little Miss. What!? If she's that sick why is she at the public library touching everything!? People...


  1. I agree about going out for sure. But for working parents, that's so hard. You only have so many days for sick days and a kid being sick can take half of what you have for the whole year, and kids get sick a lot! And what happens when you get sick? Too bad there isn't a sick daycare out there. It would be nice if employers let you have as much work off as needed for sick kids.

    I feel so lucky that I can stay home. If I had to work, I have family members to take care of kids.

  2. Not only that but they bring their kids into Wal Mart at 10:30 at night and let them cough all over everything. And the poor kids look absolutely miserable and the parents just keep right on shopping completely ignoring the pleas of "Mom, I want to go home!" I just want to say "Would you please go put your child to bed?!"

  3. hoorAY! I'm famous!!!!!! and I"m your best friend.. I like that! I know some parents work and sick days are limited, but we as teachers ALSO HAVE LIMITED SICK DAYS (we get three at my school... count them--1, 2, 3!) so I say you still need to keep them home. I like the sick kids daycare idea! ;)

  4. I agree---kids are sick! Really though, my friend's kids had swine flu last year and kept her kids home for 2 weeks to keep the cooties away from others. She said that the schools were very rude and didn't want to allow her kids to do any make-up work for missing school. She had talked to them in advance too. What's wrong with this picture?
    In order for kids to be able to stay home from school when they are sick, they have to be able to make up the work they miss! ahhh!
    I guess that is why I homeschool...such a nerd!

  5. LOVE it! So true! I was once in my daughter's class volunteering to help her teacher with something, when a mother came in and asked to see her daughter. Her daughter went to her mother who was standing in the back of the classroom with a bottle of cold medicine. She proceeded to measure out the dosage and gave it to her daughter. After that was done, the girl sat back down and the mother left.
    All I could do was stare in shock! What the? If your daughter is sick and you come to school to give her medicine....take the girl home!:)

  6. I agree! But I also get the hardship of working mothers too. I guess that's why I've decided to be a stay at home mom (for when my kids are born) who homeschools.


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