Monday, March 22, 2010

Potty Training: Are We Ready?

I think we are. I know I am! We had a play date with a little friend last Friday and Little Miss saw her use the big potty a couple of times. Then Little Miss asked to sit on the big potty, something she's been scared of, and successfully went tinkles!!

It is so important for both you and your child to be ready - if they're not ready, it's not going to happen.

That same day while tucking her in for a nap she said "Mommy. Potty train. (Little Miss) potty train." I asked her if she wanted to be potty trained and she said I told her after her nap we would start. And we've been working on it since. She has been successful quite a few times with tinkling - only two times with poop. But doing pretty good.

I love that she wants to use the big potty - so much easier than cleaning out her little one!

She gets a little (very little) treat after sitting on the potty, even if nothing happens, and I usually try to keep her on it for at least 15-20 min by reading books and playing with puppets.

We also like to do the Potty Dance. Any positive reinforcement is good!

Although I have not made the brave jump to underwear - she is in pull-up's now and spends most of the day pant-less so we can get to the potty faster.

One set back - church yesterday. We used the small potty for little kids and she loved it. She even tinkled. Then I flushed it...and it overflowed!! Water was everywhere. She didn't get wet, but I think she was concerned. I had to plunge, mess with the stuff in the tank, and then mop up the floor in my dress while she watched.

So, since then she's been more reluctant to sit on the potty, but not necessarily scared. I think she just doesn't want the potty to "act funny" again.

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  1. good luck! that's awesome that she wanted to sit on the potty.

    i am sorry to hear about the toilet overflowing at church. what luck!


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