Friday, March 19, 2010

Worst 45 Minutes Ever

I was going to post about something else today...but this story is just too good to pass by. My husband and I went on a 3 day vacation without Little Miss (left her with grandma) and got back late Wednesday night. She did pretty well with us being gone and with us getting back. Or so we thought...

She's been throwing a lot of temper tantrums. A lot. I know she's nearing 2, but she's always been so good when I tell her no, or not now, later. Or whatever. When she doesn't get her way she knows it's okay. Not anymore.

Last night after shopping with my sis, Little Miss and I got to the car and she instantly started freaking out. I mean panicking. She was clawing at me, trying not to get put in her car-seat. So I stopped and asked her what was wrong. Checked her diaper. Told her we were going to go home and see daddy. Talked nicely. Did everything I could think of that was nice - all the usual tricks that get her in the car. None of them worked.

I. Tried. Everything. So, I told her for not listening like a nice girl she had to go to timeout. So we did that. Usually right after timeout she says sorry and complies. No dice. She freaked again when I tried to put her in the car-seat. Screaming. I'm pretty sure passerby's thought I was kidnapping her. She was that out of control.

Since it was bedtime I didn't have time to waste. So I tried holding her down with one hand and getting her buckled with the other. Yeah right. She's way too strong.

I seriously did not know what to do. Any of you with toddlers feel that way sometimes? Most of the time?

So after 20 minutes of trying, I called up her daddy so he could talk to her on the phone. She wouldn't stop crying long enough to listen. She was a mess and the more time that went by the worse it got.

What happened to my sweet little baby? Gone for 3 days and I come back to a crazy-get-my-way-all-the-time girl? Not fun.

Ry could tell I'd had it, so he opted to hop in the car and drive down to save us both.

I am against spanking. I don't think it works. But I won't go into that in this post (I'll touch on that later) - just know that I'm against it and it never even crosses my mind to spank Little Miss. Well, last night I wanted to swat her little bum so hard. I resisted.

Ry came and saved us. He had a chat with her, took her on a walk while I sat in the car and cried - feeling like a bad mom and wondering where my little girl had gone.

They came back a few minutes later and he got her right in, no fight. We then switched cars and he drove her home. I cried my way home. Pathetic. I just was so upset I couldn't "fix" the situation. I didn't know what to do.

I drove very slowly and when I got home found out Little Miss had been crying for me the whole way home. Then when she saw me crying she got very concerned. Started crying harder. Giving me hugs and frantically telling daddy that "Mommy needs a band-aid!!" Because we all know band-aids fix everything!

It's going to be a long few days trying to get things back to normal and establish rules again...


  1. Ugh. That sounds awful. My little boy is truly stubborn. He's not even one yet. I don't even want to think of his close to two year old tantrums. I guess you just do what you have to and then try again the next day. I hope you are both feeling better! :)

  2. I am sorry Barb. It is hard to leave kids for any amount of time but it is important for couples to have that time together. She will be OK, and you are an EXELLENT mother.

    Tantrums test us amd make us better mothers.

  3. She is almost's true what they say about the terrible 2's.

    Sorry to hear that.

    I wished I would have seen you in the parking lot.

    Welly freaks out like that sometimes too. There's been a couple of times we've had to drag him kicking and screaming across the feild between our house and our in-law's. We spank, that doesn't help. I don't spank, that doesn't help.The important thing is sticking to your consequences. If we say we're going home if he keeps acting like this, we go. If we threaten taking something away, we do it.

    I hope it gets better but I'm afraid to say I'm betting you have a few more of those in your future.

    You're not a bad mom. I know it feels like that sometimes. But just know that your not.

    You are way more patient than me. I would have spanked made a huge scene, and held him down...all that.

    Sorry I kept you out so late.

  4. Oh, also. Mark can always get Welly to calm down. Always. Isn't it nice to have someone to help you, tag team the kid with you. I don't know how single parents do it.

  5. It could just be that you were gone. Grandma is different and is a change. My kids don't sleep as well at grandmas house and come back super tired. Plus you said it was bed time. As we all know the terrible 2 start in the ones. I would say a combo of all three. My daughter was 16 months when my son was born and she stopped talking for two weeks. I think that stress and new situations can make them react in different ways. Don't worry she will be back to normal soon.


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