Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring Break Staycation

I cannot believe Spring Break is almost here! Especially since where I live it is still ridiculously cold and prone to snowing. Not planning on going anywhere? Don't have the time or money? I've put together a quick list of 10 great Spring Break Staycation ideas...kid friendly of course!
  1. Around the World Day. Pick a country and embrace their culture for a day. Dress up. Eat their food. Listen to their music. Play their games. If your kids are old enough you could let them pick the location. I'm thinking a fiesta.This would be a good time to pull out a map and talk about countries - any opportunity to learn is great!

  2. Backyard camping. Or livingroom camping if it's too cold. I loved making forts when I was little. Little Miss would love this! A fort in the living room with mommy and daddy. S'mores would be a must.

  3. Throw a Luau. Can you tell I'm ready for spring/summer? Your local dollar store should have some awesome and cheap decorations. On the menu: pork, pineapple, pina coladas. You could learn the hula and where grass skirts!

  4. Visit your local zoo or aquarium. Most zoos have programs running year-round despite the cold weather. Bundle up and go on a safari.

  5. Or, if you're really cheap (there's no shame in that)...go to your local PetSmart. Little Miss and I are known to do this on occasion during a cold winter day. She loves animals, and we both need to get out of the house. And PetSmart is free! You can't beat free. If you go on a Saturday you can see all the cute dogs and cats up for adoption too.

  6. Visit your local museum - or better yet your local Children's Museum. This way you don't have to worry when your little one gets a little loud or wants to touch the exhibits since they're all hands on!

  7. Check out the books, story-time, and the aquarium at your public library. All free!

  8. Family Game Night - everyone choose a game and spend the night with the TV off. We have a toddler and she loves to play games. Mostly that consists of rolling dice, seeing who can stack random objects the highest, or pretending to be kitties - but it is still fun!

  9. Enjoy a picnic at the park. Or if it's too cold - a picnic in the car at a special location. We like to go on drives, park, and climb in the back of our SUV with Little Miss to have picnics. And to help ease the winter blues - listen to the Beach Boys while you eat. It'll feel like summer.

  10. Have a movie day. Either at home or at the theater depending on the age of your child(ren). Since Little Miss is still so young I don't let her watch a lot of TV. So one movie would be good for us. Mmm...popcorn. For families with older children - you could make it a movie marathon and let each child pick a different movie for a different night during Spring Break.
Have a great Staycation idea you'd like to share for spring break? Please comment!


  1. We used to go for a day trip somewhere close and explore. One time we explored Brigham City. Ate at a local diner, went to a movie, a park, walked up and down main street.

  2. Fun ideas! We just had a staycation this week! Our favorite activities were:

    a baseball game at our local university. It was cheap and lots of fun!

    having the kiddos help us make our own pizza one night, and help decorate the house with chineese lanterns for take out the next night


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