Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Break Time = Mommy Rejuvenation

Every mom needs a break. A daily time to rejuvenate. A time to be alone. And I'm talking more of a break than going to the restroom or taking a shower after everyone is in bed...

For me a good break consists of...
  • getting lost in a good book
  • working on that craft project I dreamed up
  • taking time to learn something new
  • working out
  • church service
  • blogging - a shocker, I know
Most of my break time happens during nap time and intermingles with doing dishes. I am a very task oriented person - so sometimes to make sure my me time happens - I schedule it in on my to-do list...pathetic, but it works!

Besides short daily breaks - we all need some big breaks every once in awhile. My sweet husband gave me a day away to go shopping in the "big city" for Mother's Day - love him. I need it. Getting a pedicure with a good friend is also a nice break.

Getting a break to do something relaxing will decrease your stress level and if things are really hectic at your house - your blood pressure will come down too! You will always come back happier and ready to take on the rigors of daily mommy life with a better attitude.

"Chronic parenting stress (is) associated with lowered perceptions of emotional support and greater symptoms of depression and anxiety." - American Pyschological Association

So if we get that emotional support - husbands watching kids and time to be with girlfriends and talk - then we will be happier and calmer when we return!

What do you do for yourself? How do you rejuvenate so you can be a better mommy?


  1. I definitely need this everyday! For me it's checking the computer while Jared is home and not feeling guilty. I also LOVE going shopping alone, even if it's to the grocery store. Jared helps me tons and my mom does too. I just make sure to ask for help when I feel like I'm reaching a breaking point. It's about once every two weeks. :)

  2. I hide out in the shower!
    I am thinking that I need a night away. A quiet one.

  3. once i have a baby, i might be able to participate in this more!

    b, if i have a boy, will you do some stuff on circumcision? i think we've basically made our decision but i thought it'd be interesting to hear from more "educated" people (mommy veterans, people with experiences, you know!) :)

  4. Here are some things that I do (or at least try to.)

  5. Blogging. Photography and editing it.
    A long shower is nice.
    Going to the grocery store by myself is pretty relaxing.

    I'll comment on the circumcision stuff when you make that post.


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