Thursday, May 6, 2010

Semi-New AAP Carseat Recomendations

Am I the only one that missed this last year? Apparently the new standard is to keep your child rear facing until 2 years old or longer - whatever the maximum weight is on your convertible car seat (usually 35 lbs).

Wow. Little Miss was so happy when we turned her around at one. I don't know how I would have kept her entertained for another year. A new study shows that it is 5x safer to keep them rear facing until two. Five times!!

In Sweden they keep their kiddos rear facing until age 4 or so and have 90% less fatalities because of it. Hmm...something to think about. Wonder why my pediatrician didn't pass on the news.

I am one that likes to follow the recommendations once I understand the why - so our next kid will be rear facing until at least 2 and with Little Miss to help entertain I think (hope) that it'll be easier!

Have you kept your child rear facing beyond one? Have any tricks to keep them happy while riding backwards?

Joel's Journey - watch this video to understand the difference between rear/front facing for children during an accident.

Thanks for passing on this info Shirley! I had no idea.


  1. You're welcome!!! I've known about it since Ryan was born from the mommas on I specifically bought my carseat to rearface to a high weight. I think it's 45 for ours, and there are some out there that do longer.

    Ryan doesn't know the difference of forward facing or rear facing. I always give him tons of toys to play with and books to read and they usually sit on his lap the whole time. All I have to do is watch that video (or one of the many others) and I get my resolve back. We will be doing it until AT LEAST 2!

  2. Oh and P.S. I love your picture! It shows that long legs are NOT an excuse! :)

  3. man. I heard about this after Mad was two. I got in a car accident (with both kids in the care) when A. was 3 weeks old. It was horrible and I now have a greater appreciation for carseats. My goal is to keep Asher rear facing past a year but I am not sure how long I'll hold out.

  4. p.s. every time I watch a video like that it makes me want to switch Mad back to rear facing . . . even though she is 2.5 and not in a convertible carseat anymore.

  5. I kept Dani rearfacing until almost 18 months---because she was not 20 pounds (I promise I fed her....)

  6. i was only aware of it since i'm pregnant and looking at car seats... otherwise, i'd have no clue! it seems like it'd be awfully cramped for kids that old (4 years!) but what do i know.

  7. I found you through MMB - I had read about this somewhere while I was preggers with my (now) 18month old, so we specifically bought a convertible car seat that could hold her rear-facing until 35 lbs. Lucky for us, she's a petite girl, and at 18months only weighs 19 lbs - so we haven't had to worry about her being "scrunched" in her seat. I have a mirror set up on the head-rest so she can see me in the rear-view mirror, and we always keep a stack of books on the back seat for her to look through as we drive. I'm due with #2 in 6 weeks so I'm hoping they'll keep each other entertained for a good long while :)

  8. We do extended rear-facing and Peter thinks it's fabulous that he got to move from a low infant seat to higher up where he can see out the window. The only thing is that the bigger the kid gets the more their legs are squished against the back seat. Peter doesn't seem to mind though. I definitely will do it as long as we can, and with the next baby!


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