Friday, May 21, 2010

Summertime Safety: Swimming

With summer here and weather getting warm enough to swim I am seriously considering getting Little Miss into a swimming class. I would love for her to learn this...

Have you taught your toddler or baby how to swim or float? What methods worked?

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  1. I taught swimming lessons, water aerobics, and life guarded for 5 years. I also coached high school swimming. The best thing I can recommend is swimming lessons until they can swim and having your children in arms reach at all times near and in water until they can. Swimming lessons taught through red cross certified instructors also includes saftey lessons for water. I cannot tell you how many times I have had to warn parents and they didn't listen and then to have had to jump in as there child is drowning. Also if a child has had a near drowning experience it does take a long time for them to be comfortable in the water. Prevention and a watchful eye are the key. Even after they can swim I recommend keeping an eye out on them. Always swim with a life guard and in open water have a life jacket on. Know your neighborhood and be watchful of hot tubs even if they are covered. Any open water even if it's a kiddy pool can be dangerous for some children.

  2. That was so scary! Where do you learn how to do these things? We will be spending a little bit of time at my Grandma's pool so it would be nice to teach Ryan that. I was freaking out about that baby! When he smiled afterward though, I felt much better! lol


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