Thursday, May 20, 2010

Potty Training: Boys

I am not experienced in the boy department - but I've heard from a lot of reliable moms who have been there - boys are harder to potty train! They just are. They're usually quite a bit older, more stubborn, and have more accidents.

This might be due to the fact that for boys it's a two step process - first they learn sitting down, then they have to transition to standing up. Also, moms are usually the primary potty trainer - without dad around all the time to observe, boys take longer. Girls have the advantage of watching someone with the same equipment use the potty.

Some tricks I've heard that motivate the little guys...
  • Aim & shoot some cheerios in the water when learning how to go while standing

  • Place red or blue food coloring in the bowl prior to using it so your little man can watch the water magically change color as he tinkles

  • In the summertime if you're fortunate to have a fenced yard, let him have some naked outside time watering the bushes

  • In the wintertime, let dad teach him how to write in the snow

  • Character underwear of his favorite show is a must

  • Take your little man to the store with you to pick out a really great toy you know he'd love. Let him play with it for half an hour when you get home. Then remove the toy and tell him he can play with it again when he uses the potty like a big boy. After success, let him play with it for half an hour and then remove it again - telling him the same thing. A timer would be appropriate in this situation. He is less likely to get upset if it is the timer, not you, telling him he can't play with the toy anymore.
Pretty much anything to make it super fun will help! Have you successfully potty trained a little boy? Have any tips or tricks to share of what worked and what didn't?


  1. I guess what I was hoping for was how to get my 3 year old over his fear of pooping. NOTHING will get him over his fear, and he's been potty "trained" for a year now. I can't bribe him, distract him, reward him. Sticker charts haven't worked, and now, not only am I stuck in this rut, but he now never wakes up dry, either!!! I am in desperate need of advice.

  2. my oldest son was potty-trained in 5 days, with minimal accidents, when he was 2 1/2. He was very interested in the potty and it was so much easier than i ever had expected. his brother on the other hand just turned 2 1/2 and is no where NEAR ready for potty training. i intend to wait until the end of summer and begin with the outside approach... :)

  3. The food coloring thing worked like a charm in the pee department.(Thanks!!!) We still however have not mastered the pooping thing.:( Nothing works... he literally does not care no matter what the reward is.

  4. I've just recently finished potty training my son, it has been a long road. Nothing we tried worked, we did a bigger version of the toy idea. He really wanted a bike for this summer, so he found one at the store he liked, we would let him ride it every time we went to the store, and told him if he could learn to go on the potty all the time, someday, he could bring the bike home. That finally did the trick, he had to be consistantly trying and having fewer accidents for 3 weeks before we would bring it home. We're hoping the next one is simpler!

  5. Welly liked Tinkle Targets at first. He liked and likes going outside. We tried stickers, small toys, then as we got desperate the toys got bigger, the rewards got bigger. It kinda worked but the thing that worked the best was the potty party we had and just diving in and never go back to diapers. He wore pull ups at night for a while though. We didn't go anywhere for a few days and just focused on him and the potty. We made the down staris bathroom just for him and decorated it. I think the key was too using the doll to teach him. And giving him lots of liquids.

    Having them watch their Dad helps them get it.


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