Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Hospital Must-Haves for Delivery

Just started packing my bags for the hospital so I'm prepared when Little Buddy decides to make his appearance...funny thing is - I can't remember what was useful when I had Little Miss. Here are the few things I have packed...
  • Toothbursh/Toothpaste
  • Deoderant
  • Nursing Cover
  • Nursing bra and nursing pads
  • iPod with relaxing music
  • Chapstick
  • Book
  • Take home outfit for baby
  • Carseat in car
  • Makeup and brush for after
  • Camera/Camcorder
And that's where my list ends...So...HELP! What did you pack for the hospital that you used? What did you pack that you didn't use? Am I missing anything super important? Sure wish I could remember!! 36 weeks this week! Little Miss came at 36.5 - could be any day now!


  1. Pack a comfy outfit for you and some slippers. I am so glad that I had them when I had my little guy. That way you don't have to wear the hospital gown the whole time. Just a thought.

  2. A boppy!! I didnt take mine, and trying to nurse was a nightmare with all of the hospital pillows! Next time I'm taking the boppy for sure!

  3. Definitely take your own pillow (with a colorful pillowcase so you remember to take it home with you). Also pack some good snacks and gum/breath mints for your husband. I also wish I would have had my own soap/shampoo for the shower. The hospital stuff just isn't all that wonderful. :) One final thing I wish I'd taken is my journal.

  4. Totally agree with Emily--don't feel like you have to be in your hospital gown the whole time. I did with my first, but with my second I brought my own pj's to wear, and it was so much better!

  5. Blowdryer, own shampoo/conditioner and body lotion, slippers, own pillow, robe, a couple blankets for the baby since the hospital blankets are so rough on their little skin! I would bring earplugs (if you put your little guy in the nursery between feedings) so every noise doesn't wake you, sleeper bra (really loose bra to hold nursing pads but I guess you really don't need nursing pads until you get home and your milk comes in), I brought my own laxative called Senokot-S which you can get over the counter to help with the bowels due to the narcotics because they only give you a puny stool softener which doesn't do much and we all know how scary it can be to "go" after having a baby!! You could also bring a little present for S since she will not feel left out with the little babe getting all the attention:) I would also bring black tape to cover the blinking lights that are on the bed because they bothered me! Good luck packing!!

  6. If you go to my family blog and click on Feb or March 2009 there is a post called hospital bag. I wrote down everything I brought and then there are lots of suggestions in the comments.

    I am one of those people that wear the hospital gown the entire time at the hospital. It's not that uncomfortable and it's easy for nursing. Also I didn't bring nursing pads because my milk came in after we got home.

    Oh and don't forget a brush! I didn't see it on your list. :)

  7. Food for you and Dad.. Never fails that you are ready to push as soon as the nurse tells Dad that he has plenty of time to hit the cafeteria...

  8. Make sure you bring extra batteries and/or chargers. Wouldn't that be awful to run out of power on your camera?


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