Monday, December 6, 2010

DIY: Light Candy Garland

I saw this cute candy garland at a friends house last year and loved it! So this year I set out to make my own - so easy! And if you're looking for a cheap, quick, holiday decoration - this is it!

You'll need a strand of lights - I had a 50 count, so my candy garland is 10 boxes long. If I had a large hallway or room to decorate I'd make it bigger...but we're in a tiny apartment, so we went with small.

You'll also need clear and red plastic wrap, some tape, twist ties, and however many corsage boxes long you want it. I bought 10 from a local craft store. You could even use the huge boxes and the huge lights for a different effect.
I wound 5 lights into each box and taped them shut...with a little help...

Next I covered every other box with the red plastic wrap and secured the ends with twist ties - the twist ties also help keep the light cord from getting pulled out...

And the boxes in between I covered with clear plastic wrap to get the full "candy" effect...

Done and done. Now to just enjoy it - I love how it looks with the lights turned out next to our tree. Little Miss loves it too. You could finish it off with ribbon tied in between - but I just left as is.

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