Monday, December 20, 2010

Dreaming of a White Christmas

In Phoenix, dreaming of a white Christmas is just about all you can do…because our Christmases are pretty green…or brown. And for a 3 year old who is dying to play in the snow, this is problem. All the Christmas movies and songs portray this holiday being centered around a snowy setting. So for those of you in the warmer regions of the world, here are a few ways to make your holidays white.
  • Make a "snow" man

Spray some shaving cream on the table, and let your child mold their own mini snowman. Add some facial features and arms using things you have around the house. I used pipe cleaners and googly eyes. Other ideas: toothpicks, pom poms, noodles, sequins, beads, Q-tips, etc.
  • Decorate your home with snowflakes

Make your home a winter wonderland by making dozens of paper snowflakes with your children. For a great tutorial, go here.
  • Have a "snowball" fight

Crumple up pieces of white paper to use as snowballs. You can even make “snow” forts with big blocks or hang blankets on chairs, then let the snowball fight commence! Dress up in warm clothes (you can find mittens and hats for $1 at Target and Walmart) to add to the atmosphere.
  • Sip hot chocolate around an open "fire"

Make your favorite hot chocolate recipe, use your best mugs, and sit around a homemade fire. Dim the lights and put on Christmas music for added affect. To make this fire, simply paint 3 or 4 paper towel rolls brown, then glue them together in log formation. Add some yellow, orange, and red tissue paper and voila! (I got this picture from here where they were making a campfire…feel free to omit the marshmallow roasting sticks.) Put on your favorite holiday movie make an evening out of it.
  • Go sledding

Instead of sleds, ride in laundry baskets around the house!

Other ideas: make “ice” sculptures out of blocks of vanilla ice cream; eat snow cones (my favorite are at Bahama Bucks – they also sell snow balls if you want to have a REAL snowball fight!); go ice skating at a local ice rink.

May your days be merry and white—wherever you live!

Marie is a stay at home mom of two adorable kiddos who keep her super busy! She has a dual degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education and continues to use her degree everyday of her mommy career!

Marie is one of my good friends and someone I look up to very much as a mommy. She has tons of fun ideas for things to do with your kids - so keep an eye out for her future guest posts.

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