Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pink Day

Little Miss - staying true to her girly self - loved pink day! Everything pink, what's better than that!? We started out the day right with one of our favorite treats - pink milk, or strawberry milk. So yummy! You can see her love for it below as she preemptively hugs the milk and strawberry syrup in anticipation...

Next we played with pink playdoh - she loves playdoh! I'm pretty sure we could do this all day and she'd be happy. This activity is great for motor skills and imagination! Sometimes I'll make what she asks me too - other times I make things and have her guess what they are...

Then we made Pink Princess Crowns. This was super easy - some cardstock, pink markers/crayons, stickers - whatever you have, and a stapler to finish it off. I just drew the shape by hand. We even wore them to take daddy lunch...yep, I drove around town with a pink crown on my head - no shame.

While grocery shopping we found a pink treat at the bakery - a pink turkey cookie. Perfect. Then we got home and it looked a little more salmon than pink, but oh well! She enjoyed devouring it still.

After nap we did our big activity. Making a pink pig and reading The Three Little Pigs...

For this activity we used two paper plates, paint, glue, and a marker to draw on the face...

And voila! A pink pig. After a week she still has this somewhere - and we've only had to glue the head back on a handfull of times.

We also watched these two short Pink Panther clips - she loves the "pink kitty".

Here she is coloring her pink page...

...mostly blue. Oh, well! I'm not about to stifle her creativity. As long as she can identify pink I'm good. These coloring pages are great for talking about letters too - P is for Pink...

Click the image below to enlarge, then right click to copy into your own word document and print! Just make sure you're in landscape mode, not vertical. Have a fun pink day!

Other pink day activities:
  • Enjoy some cotton candy
  • Make pink pancakes
  • Make valentines
  • Mix red and white paint - let your child see what happens


  1. Pink day looks so fun! I might have to start doing these days just for myself. :)

  2. Oh my life, my 3 year old would LOVE that!


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