Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday: Rules for Success

Really, this isn't my thing. I've always avoided Black Friday because, well, people are insane!! But, there was something last year that I just couldn't pass up - so my mom ventured out with me. 5am. It was interesting, not stressful, successful, and totally enjoyable. Here is how we made our black friday a joy and something we'd actually attempt again...
  1. Stake out your claims the night before - this will make getting in and out a breeze if you know where everything is.
  2. Act like a person, not a lion. 
  3. Expect the crowds and chaos, and try not to add to it. 
  4. Don't shove, yell, or trample. This only makes you look like an idiot - and really takes away from the Christmas spirit.
  5. Thank the store clerks and smile at them - they really don't want to be there.
  6. Go for fun - that way if you miss out on something, it's no big deal.
  7. End your shopping spree with a nice breakfast out and then a nap!

I'll be sleeping in this year - my pregnant body needs sleep, not shopping. Good luck to those of you who brave it!

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