Friday, November 26, 2010

G - Day

We started G Day with a snack of grapefruit and graham crackers. Weird combination - but yummy!

We then talked about guitars, played with my guitar, and then made Little Miss her own guitar out of a kleenex box and rubber bands, decorated with glue and glitter. Oh, fun, but so messy!

Did I mention fun and messy?! I was finding it everywhere for days! At least she had a good time! If you're going to attempt letting your little one apply the glitter themselves, remember to put a cookie sheet underneath them before hand - it sure made clean up a lot easier!

Then we read some books that started with the letter G - expect for 'The Monster at The End of This Book', but it stares Grover, so we counted it. I always just get books off of our shelf. But if you're looking at the are some titles you might want to check out...
  • G is for Goat
  • Goodnight, Gorilla
  • The Goose and the Golden Egg
  • Goliath - children's bible story version

Next we played a game of golf with a cousin. It didn't last too long cause the golf clubs started making contact with the TV...but this was good practice for their gross motor skills and taking turn abilities.

And of course, we finished by coloring a page about the letter G. You can print this out by clicking on it to make it bigger, and copying it into a word document - make sure your layout is set at horizontal.

Other G things to do or talk about...
  • gratitude
  • groundhog day
  • grandparents
  • grass
  • green beans
  • grape juice
  • goldfish
  • granola bar
  • grasshoppers

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  1. looks so fun! I don't use glitter in my classroom anymore for that EXACT reason! I do use glitter glue-- which is AMAZING and not messy at al! ;)


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