Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blue Day

We kept our blue day pretty low key. We colored our page of blue things and dressed in blue.

Then we had a special yummy treat for breakfast that we usually don't get - blueberry muffins. Funny thing - Little Miss doesn't really dig the blueberries in the muffin...too bad. Guess that means more for mommy!

In the afternoon we read the poem "Little Boy Blue" out of one of her books. Then Little Miss helped me sort all of our cookie cutters - keeping all the farm related ones in a pile. Then we made a big cookie cutter painting about Little Boy Blue on his farm.

The end result...totally fun, and only slightly messy.

And it wouldn't be a proper color day if it didn't involve more food...blue otter pops! Yum! She was pretty excited...

Other blue things you could include...
  • Blue's Clues
  • Blue Man Group
  • Talk more about the ocean and sky

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  1. You amaze me. Even though your day was low-key, I think it is so cool. I love reading about what you do on your days!


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