Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gestational Diabetes & The Dreaded Orange Drink

I had my glucose screening (usually happens around week 28) the other week and once again, got to taste this yummy orange thing...blah! Sugar overload. Not a fan.

So what is gestational diabetes anyway? And what does it mean to my pregnancy?

If you're diagnosed with gestational diabetes it doesn't mean you had diabetes before getting pregnant - and it doesn't mean you'll have it after you give birth. But, it does mean you're more likely to get Type 2 Diabetes sometime in your life if you're not careful. Think of it as a great early warning sign! Most people don't get that luxury.

G.D. (Gestational Diabetes) only affects 4% of pregnancies. It is usually caused by the hormones that help the baby develop via the placenta - these hormones sometimes block the woman's ability to produce enough insulin, thus resulting in unused glucose (glucose turned to energy) and built up sugar in the blood stream (hyperglycemia).

Why is this a problem? Check this diagram out...

...yah. I don't want to give birth to a huge baby. That sounds really un-fun. Besides causing your baby to gain unnecessary weight - G.D. can also cause your baby to have breathing problems at birth, and possible damage to the shoulders while exiting.

Babies whose bodies are making excess insulin in utero are also more likely to get Type 2 Diabetes as adults and are at a higher risk of being obese.

One thing to remember - G.D. is not your fault, it just happens. But there are things we can do when diagnosed...
  • Follow a healthy meal plan
  • Avoid excess sugar
  • Daily exercise while pregnant
As always - I'm not a doctor, so please talk to your doctor to get actual medical advice if you are diagnosed.

Have you had Gestational Diabetes? How did it effect your pregnancy?

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  1. I (thankfully) haven't gotten GD with any of my three pregnancies. I just found out, though, that you can take the test with Jelly Belly's instead of that nasty drink! What I wish I'd known...

  2. I had GD with my second pregnancy. I hated it. Mostly because I always felt hungry. I am a regular exerciser anyway, so that wasn't a problem and because of that and sticking to my diet I didn't have to have insulin. But my body craved more carbs that I was able to give it with all the exercise I was doing. Oh well, we are all healthy and it's over. But I still remember the hunger.


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