Monday, November 8, 2010

F - Day

We started our F Day with Little Miss wearing a flower shirt and collecting fall leaves...and doing a fake smile for this picture. What is it with little kids and not knowing how to smile when you ask them? Silly.

Then we read some books that start with the letter f - Froggy Learns to Swim, and Fun at Bathtime.
Next Little Miss colored a page about the letter F. We've started putting all of her artwork in a binder - she LOVES it! My plan is to scan things in and then just save a few. It's working out great so far.

While coloring we enjoyed some F snacks - fruit (five peaches - which we counted out together) and fishy crackers, which my little chef eventually mixed together and still ate.

To end our F day we made a card for her father with a flamingo on it. She told me "The Flamingo says Whatev's" that's what I wrote on the inside of the it!

Some other F activities we failed to take pictures of or didn't get around to doing...
  • Singing the Farmer in the Dell
  • Visiting a farm
  • Playing a fishing game with magnets, a pole, and string...
  • Tracing footprints
  • Singing Five Speckled Frogs
  • Playing with finger puppets
  • and visiting her auntie Carrie's cats - Fern & Frankie
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