Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Purple Day

For Purple Day we went with quality, not quantity. We did one of Little Miss's favorite things - painted our toenails purple. She loved that our toes matched.

Then we baked homemade sugar cookies. Little Miss got to choose which cookie cutters to use, which also gave us an opportunity to go over shapes. After they cooled we decorated them with purple frosting and multi-colored sprinkles. Later that day we delivered some to neighbors and friends - which gave us an opportunity to talk about service.

We also colored our usual purple page with as many different purple crayons as we could find.

Other purple things to do:
  • Eat grapes, raisins, plums
  • Read Harold and The Purple Crayong by Crockett Johnson
  • Read The Purple Coat by Amy Hest
  • Drink Purple Cows - milk + grape juice mixed together
  • Finger paint with blue & red - let your child find out what happens when they mix!

1 comment:

  1. Fun ideas!! I love the matching purple toes!

    I work with developmentally delayed preschoolers so our focus is more on social skills, self help skills and speech and language. The best part is the children learn all of this through play and have no idea we are working on their IEP objectives!

    BTW I'm stopping by from MMB feel free to check out my preschool blog, three days a week. Or my main blog Archie and Family!


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