Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Bum Book

I have the worst memory. Always have. And to make matters worse - I now have what's known as "mom brain"...Every mom, or expectant mom, can attest - when you get pregnant you just get dumb. Making, having, and raising babies zaps your brain cells! Pretty soon you're fumbling over your own words and can't remember what you ate for breakfast. It's kind of ridiculous.

I keep a daily journal, and that helps. I've been able to go back and read through my pregnancy with Little Miss and compare it to this pregnancy. One thing I wish I would've had though - this little beauty...

It is adorable! It's just little and will easily fit in a diaper bag or purse. I'm super excited to use it with baby #2 come February! Keeping track of feedings, changings, and well check stats - all of these things make my left brain dance for joy! It even has a spot on every page for random notes - like first smile, first time he'll roll over. Sure wish I'd had this with Little Miss!

You can get your own Bum Book here.


  1. is it okay that i'm weirded out that they refer to your baby as a "bum"? :)

  2. classic! so love the title of the book - made me laugh - thanks. great idea to be organised though :)

  3. If you live in Utah you can get a free keepsake health record for you and baby. It's completely free just visit those that live outside the state you can order it for 5 dollars. This is what I used for both my kids and for this my third pregnancy. The book has pages to record every prenantal visit, well child check up, record firsts (smile, etc.), and it even has a family health tree. It even has a spot to fit your childs immunization card. Can't beat free.

  4. Awesome. I need to invest in one of those!


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