Friday, February 18, 2011

3 Week Transition to Family of 4

The last three weeks have been - in some ways - exactly what I expected. And in others - nothing like what I expected. Little Miss has done awesome filling the role of big sister and is such a great helper! She's had moments of needing more attention - but generally she's very good about sharing mommy and daddy.

Something I did not expect was that she would stop taking naps the same time we brought a new baby home. I guess it was time. But wow - kind of bad timing. There is no break for mommy now, ever. That has been very hard. Showering is definitely a luxury. My projects have been put on hold. My day consists of changing bums, wiping bums, feeding mouths, and...that's about it.

I would wake up earlier than the kids to get my "me" things done - but since I'm waking up every 3 hours with Little Man right now...the thought of depriving myself of more sleep is less than appealing. Once he starts sleeping longer - I will be waking up earlier to have some alone time. Meanwhile - what do I do!? You ladies that have done this before have any suggestions as to how I can keep my sanity? Any ideas are more than welcome!

I have decided that if I take it a day at a time - with realistic expectations - knowing that I might not get anything done except for playing with my children, that's okay. I've also decided a few minutes of "me" time daily is a must. I didn't even have to ask my husband, he just knows. Bless him. He is amazing! And, now my "me" time is up...=) Back to family time. I'll leave you with these cute little hands to look at - he loves to hold his own hands. ::sigh:: adorable!


  1. It's all about "Quiet time". and in some ways, quiet time is better than a nap, because I can make it be at exactly the same time as baby brother's nap. Whenever baby brother goes down for his long nap, I make Miss M take a 40 minute quiet time. She can read or play quietly on the bed but she knows she can't get up until the timer rings. This way I get my "Lunch Break" and as an added bonus about once a week Miss M actually falls asleep (I just have to remember to check if she is sleeping or not BEFORE the timer rings. Otherwise it is a very short nap. sigh. Oh, and since they share a room, I have her do quiet time on my bed. otherwise, it would never work.

  2. I only have one child and I'm wondering how you managed to have enough energy to get up early to get stuff done! You seem to be doing very well with 2! I know I want more children, but I'm scared to add more to the mix because it has definitely been an adjustment just having 1. Your kiddos are adorable!

  3. I still make my almost 3 year old have 'happy big boy quiet time' in his room so I can have ME time. He has books and toys and sometimes I put on a movie for him in my room, he just has to stay in there and be quiet- most times he doesnt fall asleep- some days he does- but I don't feel guilty for taking that break we both need ;) - I make sure its time he likes what he is doing, he gets excited for it.
    I always time it with my new baby's afternoon nap, and thats the only way I get ME time.

  4. I remember when my kids were younger (they're now 7 and 2)and most me-times weren't even that. With my baby daughter asleep, that was time to do laundry or clean house or all sorts of other things we stay at home moms do. Add to that having to do my work. Good thing my son was already going to school or it would have been even more stressful. I got through that stage just thinking someday they'll be all grown up and there will be times they wouldn't feel like spending time with you so better enjoy those moments and just laugh it off.

    Now I have more real and longer me-times. And I get to sleep longer too :)

  5. Used to say on those frustrating days that never seemed to end, "Enjoy every minute. They go so fast." I remember I used to think, "Some days, not fast enough." Now, with my children getting married, leaving home for college, and the youngest in 2nd grade, I find myself surprised at how right she was. Time does go so fast. STILL, it is okay to wish that some days go faster than others!!


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